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A tough approach, need help

author:       "Mystery"
date:           Tue, 22 Sep 1998 04:00:00 GMT
subject:      Re: A tough approach, need help

>12,500 students, and, despite my best
efforts last year, I only went on 2 dates the whole year.

realistically, how many of the 12,500 are girls rated 8+? I would estimate around 750 or so. Even if we assumed 75% were taken already thats a fucking shitload. Have you attempted to get it on with 200 girls? You would need to hit on 50 a week for a month just to have tried all of them. BUT, seeing as you wont know who is taken or who is single, you would have to hit on 800 girls. thats 50 a week for 4 MONTHS! When you say you arent good at getting girls, I say, you arent good at seeing the real issue at hand. You have got to hit on 50 a WEEK. If you havent tried to meet at least 20 or more girls this week, then you are NOT going to get good at getting girls. Its now merely a matter of DOING it. Yes, the first 25 girls will think you are just lame, but you are being grading on a learning curve here. After the first 25, you will systematically get to ALL the available girls.

>My social life has
improved a little since then, but I still haven't created any form of attraction with any females on this campus as of yet.

The only thing stopping you is your not DOING it. That is it. NOTHING is stopping you.

>. Still, I haven't
been able to join up with any social group yet, despite my outgoing personality. Once these groups form, they stay intact for the remainder of the
school year, and, every attractive girl that I can think of at this school hangs out with a group of close friends, even on weekdays!

excuses only. bullshit. not accurate to the reality. you had to concoct this delusion to excuse yourself from DOING.

>I have tried the
Elvis script, twice on groups of women and 5 times on single girls, and it did
get them talking to me about my (heavily borrowed) wit. I have tried to run connection patterns which I've memorized on 3 of the 5 single girls, but they
all shot me down during the course of the pattern by asking me questions. Damn! Neg hits work well, and really make the person open up to me more. In a
group setting, though, I made the mistake of neg-hitting the target before creating rapport.

the only way to get better is to keep DOING. You have about 800 girls with which to hit on. So really, by the time you've approached 200 or so, your skills will be very good. You will then get tonnes of women. So keep DOING. You arent focusing enough on this if all you hit on mildly was 5 or 6 girls this week. Youve got to hit on 50. Become a sex fiend (just dont show it).

>Any advice on dealing with groups of women or on joining an already existing social formation? (I'm a lone wolf at the moment)

promote a special night at a pub. make cheap-ass flyers. dont hand them out to just anyone. walk up to a group of girls and chat and THEN give the flyer telling a particular one youd like her to see you there. If 10 girls come, youve got OPTIONS buddy.

>     I'm having a lot of challenges in this environment, I'm a regular looking
guy who dresses nice and loves women, I'm still numb from approaching so many
women and looking like a Lamo who hangs out in bars alone approaching women as
well as in other places (I did good at shopping malls a few years back, but I
feel I need to learn a hell of a lot more in order to get laid even once in a
college environment) . Any help would be appreciated!

malls are for 14 to 18. 19+ is pubs and clubs and university parties. Make a weekly party, every friday at a pub. Talk to girls about where you should go - tell them you are looking for a girlfriend and they will help you. Be honest and dont hit on these girls - get info.

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