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How to Turn Friends Into Lovers and Have Sex With Them

Getting her to have sex with her Brother.

Sound disgusting? Well it should because basically that is what your trying to do. You're like a brother to her. You listen to all her stories about screwing other guys, getting screwed over, and how men suck. You get the late night phone calls to pick her up when she is in trouble. You go to lunch with her and hang out at her house. One problem. You want her body and she would never have sex with her “brother.”

This is the world of the nice guy. It really doesn't matter who the girl is, because the nice guy will replace her with a similar girl. Thus, the nice guy has fundamental problems with himself, which needs to be fixed before he can get the right girl. That is correct, but I disagree with what other writers have said about never turning a friend into a lover. It can be done. I'll outlay a step by step approach to doing it, but let me make this clear. It is recommended to use this if you are stuck in such a situation, not as a means of day to day meeting girls. If you believe that being a girl's friend is a good long term way to become her lover, you in for long and frustrated nights with your hand.

Step 1  - Realize Your Asset

Nice guys need to realize what asset they bring to the girl who they are “best” friends with. They bring unconditional male attention to her, whenever she wants it. If she is ever feeling blue, unattractive, unwanted, or down in any way, guess who she calls for the ego boost, YOU. It is no coincidence that nice guys are often friends of single girls, you fulfill the male attentions that they need without them giving up anything.

So what does this mean? Well realizing your bargaining chip means you realize how to make her pursue you. Women like to have a comfort level within their relationships, and do not like to have it disrupted. Unfortunately for them, that's exactly what you will do.

Step 2  - Tell her you are interested

Your probably saying, what the hell? While this step seems to go against every rule known to mankind, it is an important set up. The setup is basically this, you need to get her to actually begin to think about you in a sexual way, which later will be re-enforced.

This also needs to be made clear, do not profess your undying devotion and love to her. You don't show up with love poetry blasting love songs telling her how you have been obsessing about her, even though you probably are. The approach is still a direct one though, don't beat around the bush and act like a pussy. Ask her point blank, how would she feel about going out and seeing what happens.

Step 3 -  Be Prepared For the NO

There is about a 95% percent chance she will say no to you either directly or indirectly. Some of the more direct statements will be:

* I just don't see you in THAT way.
* No, your more like a brother to me.

The indirect ones:

* I think it would ruin the friendship.
* I just don't want a relationship right now.

Take anything other than an unequivocal yes as an outright no. The response to this doesn't really matter, since we know it was going to be in the negative, and were ready for it. Don't argue with her, don't get mad, don't try to bargain for a yes. Simply state that you understand and change the topic.

The seeds have been set now, she is actually pondering the question of what it would be like to have a sexual relationship with you. This alone will not change her mind, since why would be necessary for her to take it to that level when she can get everything she needs from you without doing that? That's where Step 4 comes in.

Step 4 – Withdraw the Asset slowly

Remember Step 1? Now you're going to slowly withdraw that asset from her. You need to start to be unavailable, not there to pick her up when she is down, not being the Mr. Super Nice Guy you were before. This is to not say your going to ignore her or be mean, but its time to throw a monkey wrench in her comfort level with you.

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