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Hot Then Cold

Sterobin: This HB7 hit on me at the airport when I was going to visit friends in mainland Europe.  Sat 2 seats away from her in airport lounge.  Put out a 'come to me' vibe (not talking, just thinking).  Couldn't believe it when she followed me into passport control!  So I'm there, emptying my pockets for customs, and somehow managed to drop most of contents on floor.  She says "do you need some help?" and proceeds to start picking up my belongings.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, got going kissing, kino, holding hands etc in Duty Free area.  Get #close.  I swear I could have fucked her at that moment but just did not have anywhere to take her.

Then the most bizarre twist to this tale: turns out  SHE IS SAT 2 SEATS AWAY FROM ME ON THE PLANE, just like in airport lounge!

I know this sounds freaky, but I swear it is true. So I commandeer the seat next to her on the plane, and we begin again, talking, kino, kissing.

Anyway, we part company in Zurich- her to her uncle, me to a connecting flight.

I've tried to contact her since I've been back and got only negs from her. Very puzzling.

But it has proved to me three things I have noticed before: 1)  Women get as horny as hell and are very receptive for PU when they are traveling.  2) Asian girls are very repressed in their home environment.  3)  It is possible to think something and HB to clue on it without you saying anything, although 'telepathy' is not a much discussed subject in this NG.

Style: Yeah, this has happened before. It can mean one of two things:

1. She has a boyfriend, and just wanted a quick fling with no follow up.
2. She was hot for you in the moment. But once it was over, she felt guilty or ashamed or just simply forgot those feelings she had for you at the time. I've noticed one problem with ASF tactics sometimes is that they assume that you're just going to keep getting a girl hotter and hotter and hotter until she's going crazy. But sometimes there's just a moment (or a certain night) when she lets go of her taboos and is ready, and if you let that moment or night pass without seizing the opportunity, you're lost. (In other words, you should have taken her to the lavatory and joined the mile high club.) @2009 - The Ultimate Collection Of seduction Opener, Close Routines and Other seduction Tactics