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About girls 'asking' for favors

Vinnie: As I understand it, if you're already fucking a girl, it's "ok" to date and do favors. However, if she is holding out, one should withhold such favors but I want to know what is the best way to decline? For example, Girl calls in the middle of the night stranded, needing a ride or a jumpstart. helps no one if I were to say, "Since we're not in an intimate relationship, you should call triple A ...unless you want to take care of my jumper cable first"

Twitch: You have the right Idea. Before you accept, make a deal like: I will come get you IF you cook me dinner on Friday at your place, you have to be in the sexiest outfit you have, AND when I come to the door, say nothing, but you have to give me the best kiss you have. Do not compromise; if she still says no, well I hope she has a good walk. That is what I would do. Tone of voice and overall attitude of voice should have been a fun, play full and humorous one. I also assume that the girl that is calling is in the flirting stage and she knows that you are interested in her sexually.

Style: In my mind, the point of not supplicating is to not let yourself be manipulated. So, when you have to make a decision, ask yourself, "Am I being manipulated, used, or taken advantage of?" If the answer is no, then proceed. If yes, then decline and tease. In this particular case, it's not a favor--it's an emergency. Some PUAs say to stay away from girls when they're having negative emotions, because you don't want them to associate that with you. However, if I was in the situation you mention (which I assume is hypothetical), I'd help the girl. Why not be her knight in shining armor? Heroes may not buy dinner for damsels, but they do swoop in and save them from certain danger.

Contactus: No good deed goes unpunished. Don't fool yourself into thinking that her image of you will change by being her 'knight in shining armor.' The worst state you can put someone in is to think that they owe you something, without knowing what that something is before they enter into the agreement. By not immediately giving her a way to make it up to you, you are putting her in this state. If this girl usually has her stuff together, and it truly is an emergency, she either /really needs some help/ or she is /looking for an excuse/ to see you that late at night. I like Twitch's idea to handle this type... If this girl is usually pretty flakey with her life, then you are just another perceived AFC on her list of guys that will rush to her aid at her request. You gain nothing by being the guy that shows up except validate that you are just another one of those guys. If she is marginally attractive, she'll have lots of other AFCs to call on, and she will remember that you were something different. On supplicating, I can speak with authority. I mastered this skill in my AFC days... Looking back, I'd say you are on thin ice by running to her aid, but in some situations it might work if you keep yourself out of the supplicant list in her mind.

AH1: The PUA/Seductionist looks for and sees opportunity in everything. The idea in doing any seduction is not to be unwarrantedly cruel, but to create just the right emotions at just the right time. This chick is not asking you to supplicate in this instance. She's not asking you to come over and help her wash her car, or clean her house before she's fucked you. What she's asking for, in this instance, is legit, although taking your time about it won't hurt. But again, opportunity. Always look for the emotional opportunity. Certainly you can think of ways to make this situation even MORE melodramatic. So much of what we do--the impression we make on a chick--is NOT so much in our specific actions or particular deeds, but in our ATTITUDE when performing these things. Attitude comes first. Attitude ALWAYS comes first. Figure out a way that you can use any situation to your advantage. Always look for the emotional opportunity and how you might turn something into more than what it is on an emotional level. What position are you coming from in doing ANYTHING? It doesn't matter... chicks will always sense when you are doing something from a position of hunger or neediness. Further, chicks CAN often times very much sense when you do a particular action out of your FEAR than you will look like you're supplicating if you were to do the opposite. A brand-new bit of info you everyone to chew on there... as if there isn't enough. The solution is simple: if your position and attitude is in-line in everything you do, none of this will ever be or become a problem.

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