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AFC Reversion Syndrome

TallAFC: I'm a little above AFC and trying to improve my skill, but lately I have noticed that on some days I work it like a PUA, and on other days i'm bombing all over the place and just can't give it all my effort.

Tomas: Just keep reading everything you get your hands on in the websites, books, etc. Practice individual techniques each day, mix it up. Eventually it becomes so ingrained in you that you relax with it and have fun...Also, read over shit you've already read too, you start seeing things in it you didn't catch the first time, coupled with what you observe in the field.

Style: Yes, something like this happens to me. I call it AFC Reversion Syndrome. There are just those nights when I'm not on. The symptoms are:

1. Don't make approaches
2. When HB talks to you, can't think of anything to say
3. Awkward fluff phone conversations with HBS.

Usually it's when I'm tired or have something else on my mind. It's very frustrating now that I'm used to getting good results any night of the week. And, what I've noticed about AFC Reversion Syndrome is that I become WORSE than an AFC. Because now I am conscious of the fact that I suck, and it throws me further off my game. The only way I can think to get over it is to practice all the time, so that it is internalized and becomes instinct. The only problem is that when I practice all the time, I end up with too many HBs calling. (It's weird, lately the HBs I sarge are calling me before I get a chance to call them--I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing right.)

ET: It doesn't matter what you do eg. sports, work etc. you are going to have shit days and then you are going to have days when you are on fire and totally unbeatable, the important thing to realize is that your best days are the true indication of how good you are, just forget about the bad days.

Mohap: You have to get in the right frame of mind. You can use tricks like NLP to do this.

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